Mikhail Blagosklonny advancements with Aging and Cancer Treatment

A decade ago, almost everyone believed that it was impossible to prevent aging and that it was a functional decline that was as a result of accumulative molecular damage. Some who did not believe that this was the case looked for other ways to explain aging and the hyperfunction theory was born. The theory described aging as the progressive growth facilitated by signaling pathways such as Target of Rapamycin (TOR). A lot was done to understand the aging process and the TOR-centric model was developed, its major function was to point out the rapamycin that can be utilized in the prevention of various diseases as well as manipulate the aging process.Mikhail Blagosklonny, a renowned professor in the field of Oncology, has made huge contributions to cancer treatment and aging. The professor who works at the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo in New York has worked very hard over the years to establish various remedies for cancer. He has also done a lot of research with Oncotarget to find a solution for aging and his hard work has resulted in great discoveries. Mikhail has advocated for the use of Rapamycin to lengthen the life of cancer patients. His immense contributions to the field of science are widely recognized and appreciated.

Mikhail went to First Pavlov State Medical University where he received his ph.D. and degree in Experimental Medicine and Cardiology. Blagosklonny first worked at the New York Medical College as an associate professor before becoming a senior scientist in 2009 at the Ordway Research Institute. Blagosklonny intends to make the world a better place by ensuring that individuals from all corners of the world have access to the best treatment possible in spite of their economic status. He has always been interested in finding solutions to various medical problems especially in the realm of cancer and aging.The reason why Mikhail Blagosklonny decided to focus on both cancer and aging is that cancer is more common in older people. Today, he continues to further his research on the two and his discoveries continue to become useful in the field of oncology. He has influenced many people in the realm of research including his fellow researchers and the students that he has taught over the years. His numerous contributions to research over the years have attracted the attention of various parties in the medical sector.

Mikhail Blagosklonny plans on establishing a way that cancer treatment can be cheaper and effective so that patients can be in a position to pay for it and be totally cured. Currently, cancer treatment is very expensive and very few people are able to afford the treatment. People who are incapable of producing the needed money to cater for the treatment mostly ask for donations from well-wishers to pay for it and the money raised is not always enough. A life which could have been saved ends up being lost due to financial strains. Hoping that Mikhail Blagosklonny will realize his dream of finding a way to destroy cancerous cells without harming the normal cells, the world will benefit a lot from his hard work and commitment to the course. The discovery will be very crucial to the medical world and people won’t have to lose their loved ones to cancer.


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