Mike Baur the Swiss Start-Up Factory CEO

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and the founder of the Swiss Startup Factory which was launched in 2014. Mike has worked in the Switzerland banking for over 20 years, and he got a lot of experience. He is responsible for fundraising and funding of start-ups at the Swiss Start-Up factory. The Swiss Start-up Factory is a Zurich-based company that helps to accelerate growth for entrepreneurs who work on the digital platform. The factory has opportunities that are very informative and growth oriented. From the first day to the factory an entrepreneur has a chance to grow tremendously because the factory has very many networks all over Switzerland and around the world.

Swiss Start-Up Factory runs a three-month long program that offers services to entrepreneurs on mentorship, business training and it also provides an office space for the new entrepreneurs at Zurich central business center, the location is very strategic for networking. The factory helps the entrepreneur be able to identify factors that kill start-ups and train on how to evade them. It’s not everyone who can contribute to a business growth especially on its initial stages SSUF has a package that empowers business owners to know the kind of people to keep to ensure the business achieves its long-term goals.

For any business to grow there must be a reliable source of fund to keep its operations running. Swiss Start-up Factory has some investors both internal and external that help start-ups with funds to be in business until they break even. Management of business also determines the far it can go that’s why SSUF emphasizes on training on best management skills to ensure the businesses are run professionally. Technology is also a tool that no business can’t ignore the factory ensures that all the start-ups have access to an expert who has vast knowledge on information technology. The expert develops strategies such as digital marketing and creating online platforms where the entrepreneurs can sell products to consumers globally. Technology is the best discovery that businesses in the 20th century can use to broaden the market. It’s now easy to buy a product from any part of the world and get it as soon as possible. Mike Baur has excelled so much in business after embracing technology that’s why when he is speaking to young entrepreneurs he urges them to exploit the huge potential digital space has. It’s also very vital for a start-up to be so keen on managing it’s human resource the success of the business is determined by the employees and it’s prudent to make them motivated and let them be part of the mission the business has.


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