Mighty Fortress Church: Do You Want to Know Who God is?

Genuine church beauty is in the Body of Christ; however, the church building can serve as a compelling place for people to come and learn of Him.

Mighty Fortress International Church (MFI) is such a place. They aspire to reach out and tap into the enormous resource of unsaved people for Christ. Their worship service is geared to the hearts of the people—not to their outward appearance.

In like manner, the MFI focus is “to exalt the Kingdom of God in everything they do—preparing believers, at all levels, for their assignment here on earth.” One way in which MFI reaches out to cultivate brotherly and Christian love among all believers is through focused worship and Bible teaching. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Notably, the Word of God is the Power of God unto salvation. Therefore, the Word of God is taught in faith at MFI. They believe that the Word will do the work in every heart.

Recently, an article highlighting twenty-five of the most unique and aesthetically, lovely churches in Minnesota inspired us to showcase three of the twenty-five.

Now, the State of Minnesota boasts thousands of beautiful churches. For this reason, and in order to bring more light to the choices we are making, we did some research and found that a 2005 Harvard Institute for Religion Research study reported approximately 350 thousand churches located in the United States at that time.

Moreover, dividing these numbers by fifty states leaves us with approximately seven thousand churches per state, and in the case of Minnesota–with 87 counties–there could be as few or as many as 80.56 churches located in each county.

These statistics–albeit are twelve years old; however, they do give us an idea of how special the buildings of these specifically chosen, aforementioned, twenty-five churches are, and to our point—the three we have chosen to highlight are extraordinary. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

The Cathedral of Saint Paul is dedicated to Paul the Apostle; is a Roman Catholic cathedral; is located in St. Paul, Minnesota; and it is the largest church in the United States. This cathedral, built in the early part of the last century, when the French Renaissance era was still in favor, has a dome in the center of the building that is 186 feet high.

The Lakewood Memorial Chapel is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Built in 1910, inside of the Lakewood Cemetery, this small chapel combines the flavor of the former Constantinople with the present, Istanbul, Turkey, and it features some of the best Byzantine mosaic tile work in the country. The chapel is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Basilica of St. Stanislaus, located in Winona, Minnesota, is actually of Polish and Roman architecture. The design, created in 1893, for a Polish immigrant congregation, was not exactly, as it appears today. This congregation has continued to grow as a community since its 1871 inception, and as they grew, the necessity of more space culminated in the demolition of the original building and the creation, in 1875, of the current building.

The uniqueness of each featured church, coupled with the beauty reflecting the dignity of the people of God who were instrumental in the creation of these buildings, shines forth as a testimony to their faith and their desire to give back.

Significantly, Mighty Fortress Church is no exception. As noted above, the Body of Christ is the church, and MFI church members volunteer and work to make the buildings in which we worship, as welcoming and lovely as possible.

MFI’s Senior Pastor, Bishop T.R. Williams is president and founder of Mighty Fortress International Ministries. He is one of those people of God who has a desire to give back.

When Bishop Williams realized that his call to be a bridge-builder in the body of Christ required him to teach practical, biblical principles for victorious Christian living, he stepped onto this narrow way and has now been faithful to his calling for more than thirty years.

Furthermore, today, under Bishop Williams’ leadership, MFI Ministries points believers to seek wisdom through the Word of God; tap into everything they need for life and godliness, through their acquired knowledge of God; trust in God for their lives, with childlike faith; love their neighbors as they love themselves; and anchor their hope in Jesus—a sure and steadfast anchor for the soul. END



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