Michael Nierenberg Profile

Michael Nierenberg is the President and chairman of New Residential Investment Corporation. He is also the Managing Director at Fortress, overseeing various functions. Before assuming his current role at New Residential Investment Group, Michael Nierenberg was the Managing Director of Global Mortgages. He was responsible for trading activities and sales at the company. He increased sales by focusing on strengths and working on the weakness of the company. Trading activities improved significantly under his leadership.

In 2008, he moved to Bank of America and became the head of Global Securitized Products. He worked at Bear Stearns Corporation for fourteen years before joining JP Morgan. He was the head of foreign exchange rates and interest rates at Bear Stearns.

Michael Nierenberg joined the Board of Directors at Stearns and lasted for two years. He was credited for improving the mortgage business of Lehman Brothers Corporation. The company hired him at a time when it was struggling in the industry. The management knew that he was the right person for the job going by his track record. Michael Nierenberg did not take long to deliver. He stayed at the corporation for seven years and moved to Bear Stearns. His tenure at Bear Stearns was marked with success as he helped the company navigate the industry.

Michael Nierenberg has not experienced difficulties getting jobs owing to his track record. With vast experience in his field, he has molded junior employees. Furthermore, colleagues at Bear Stearns praised him for being hardworking, patient, and willing to work with others. When asked what he loves about his job, he said that meeting customer’ needs, and achieving the goals of the company encourages him to continue.

Michael Nierenberg admits that he faces difficulties, but strives to remain optimistic. He worked with small companies, gained experience and joined the big leagues. He advised people joining the industry to remain optimistic and work hard to achieve their goals. He has worked for more than ten companies and knew the importance of patience and dedication. Working with people from different backgrounds has taught him the value of working with the community.

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