Michael Nierenberg on Stock Market

Michael Nierenberg is a 54 years old American businessman that has served as a president in 2013, CEO and chairman of the board of several companies during his life career. He is the managing director of Fortress after where he had served as the managing director at Banks of Merrill where he had all the responsibilities for the sales. He was the head of mortgages and securitized products at the banks where he had joined in 2008 from being the head of global securitized products and the member of the management committee at the investment company at JP Morgan.

Mr. Nierenberg had a great senior leadership role at Bear Stearns during his fourteen years working time with the company as he served as the head of interest rate and trading on foreign exchange operations and also as the co-head of the backed mortgage trading securities. Michael Nierenberg spent seven years with the Lehman Brothers before he went on to serving the Bear Stearns Company where he was skilful, expert that is highly instrumental in the company building and adjusting the Mortgage organizations. Michael Nierenberg had an estimated net worth of about44 million dollars in mid-2018 and he was owning more than 1.7 million units of the New Residential Investment stocks that was worth about 44 millions.

Mr. Nierenberg have sold none of his stock for the past 3 years and he makes nothing from the company him being the chairman of the board and the president at the New Residential Investment Corporation. Since 2016, Mr. Nierenberg have made three trades of the New Resident Investment stock. Mr. Nierenberg making more than 1.7 units of the company being his largest trade he have ever made in his career where he was making an average of four hundred and twelve thousand units per day that took him almost a hundred and ten days since becoming the chief executive, chairman of the board and the president of the company. Michael Nierenberg owns at least 2.6 units of the New Resident Investment company stock that he made it happen out of his hard work since joining the company as skilled expert that helped in adjustability of the company at large.

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