Mental Illness by Jeremy Goldstein: You Are Not A Rhone

One of the most proactive individuals in the fight against mental illness is attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein. This brilliant-thinking man has played a huge role in raising funds for a charitable organization that focuses on preparing mental illness sufferers for the real world. Jeremy Goldstein is a successful New York lawyer. His law firm is named Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, and it specializes in executive compensation and corporate governance. This boutique firm works exclusively with management teams, CEOs and compensation committees.


On the other hand, Goldstein works exclusively with a charitable organization that’s nonprofit. This nonprofit organization is known as Fountain House, and it has changed the lives of many people who struggle with mental illness. Fountain House came into fruition back in 1944. Former patients of Rockland State Hospital started the organization by purchasing a building in 1948. This large building had a huge fountain in the front, which has reverted over into becoming the organization’s name. Jeremy Goldstein is on the Board of Directors at Fountain House. This man has been hosting exceptional wine dinners for a set price to support this charitable organization. Goldstein has done this on multiple occasions and for multiple years.


“You Are Not A Rhone” is the name of the wine dinner, and it has helped to raise thousands of dollars. Ticket prices were estimated at $5,000 per person. This special wine dinner was more like an event as many powerful figures attended the dinner back in May 21, 2019. New York’s NoMad Hotel was ground zero for some of the best tasting wines that came in vintage form as well as great-tasting foods. The event lasted for an estimated four hours, and it was marked as a huge success.


Jeremy Goldstein has extreme amounts of expertise when it comes to raising capital. This man has been involved with some of the biggest transaction over the past 10 years. Yes, these transactions were also corporate transactions. Some of the listed companies included are Merck, Bank One, South African Breweries, Duke Energy, Goldman Sachs, Kinder Morgan Inc., Oracle Systems, J.P. Morgan Chase, AT&T Corporations, Bank of America and many more. Thanks to this man’s efforts in funding Fountain House, the organization can continue with its learning programs. This is a team effort as many community leaders have stepped in to make this venture a huge success.


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