Meatless Burger Comes To OSI Group

Review the history of OSI Group. The company is old. A century old. The company was began by an ambitious ad hard-working immigrant. The company was founded in Chicago in an immigrant filled company. The company began as a family business in this community. The company was small. The company sold meat. Fast forward to today and OSI is very different than how it began. Yet, they still remain true to being an innovative company that works hard to create new products and try new ideas. Doing something different and new has allowed them to experience a decade full of prosperity. The company today is experiencing what it is like to invent and produce a meatless hamburger patty for customers.

The hamburger patty is nothing new for OSI Group. Decades ago it was their iconic hamburger patty that allowed them to become the regional supplier of food for McDonalds. Selling hamburger patties has allowed this company to become a household name. Today, the type of hamburger patty they are focusing on is quite new. They have joined forces with Impossible Foods to manufacture and distribute the Impossible Burger. See this article at

The Impossible Burger is a plant based burger. What has got the attention of OSI to work on creating a plant base burger when they normally create beef burgers is customer demand. More and more people are becoming health conscious. They are turning to non-meat and more plant based diets. OSI never misses out on the chance to financially benefit from a deal. Therefore, with Impossible Foods they are creating the Impossible Burger.

OSI Group has a rich history of partnerships. The company has the capacity, facility, staffing and machinery to develop facilities and operations that is best fitting for partners and people to come together and get issues solved. impossible Foods has taken the world by storm with their Impossible Burger. This is good news for the company. It is a good problem to have a highly demanded product that you cannot enough produce quickly enough to meet the demand. OSI Group is going to remove some of the stress from Impossible Foods by launching this burger into retail outlets and working with them to create a plan that will ensure that Impossible Foods’ clients are able to receive product on time. Read:


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