Matt Badiali- Helping the Average Investor

Matt Badiali is an investor and an author of the “Real Wealth Strategist” newsletter. He is one of the key investors in the United States who deal with natural resources. He is a scientist and therefore to him; this is not a new thing. Whatever has been happening in the mining sector is something he has a tight grip about. He can tell what a certain occurrence in the industry means for the value of a certain commodity or metal. The good thing investors need to understand is that this is a person who does not depend on analysis done by someone else to come to any conclusion. Everything that he does comes from his understanding of the primary data.

Matt Badiali has a degree in Earth Science from Penn State University and a master in geology from Florida Atlantic University. With this level of education, it is clear that Matt Badiali is not gambling with the average investors. He has his facts when he is talking about natural resources. Apart from education, he has also gone around the world visiting the main mining areas. He wanted to understand the mining sector well, and this step enabled him to learn more about the industry. Since he took up an initiative to learn more about the mining sector, Matt has seen a transformation; he is now in a position to help as many people as possible to deal with investments.

Matt Badiali has helped many people to create wealth. He shares good ideas with his followers. A good example is the freedom checks which he shared with everyone. The idea of freedom checks was widely advertised by Matt Badiali so that as many people as possible could benefit from it. Freedom checks is a concept that involved investing in companies known as MLPs. These companies are given tax exemptions. Due to tax exemptions, they are able to pay better returns to investors. MLPs are however required to fulfill some requirements. They must be getting about 90 percent of their revenue from the United States. They must also be ready to pay investors in the form of freedom checks.


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