Matt Badiali: Companies Will Pay Out $34.6 Billion in Form of Freedom Checks By Next Year

Many people are hesitant to take up an investment opportunity they saw online because of the many get-rich-quick schemes and scams in the internet. Matt Badiali went online with a video holding a check. He was sensitizing people about Freedom Checks. According to him, this is a viable investment opportunity that can pay better than what government programs such as social security pays. He views freedom checks as an opportunity for those looking for a great retirement plan.But who is Matt Badiali? Well, Matt Badiali is an investment guru with a geology background. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in earth sciences from Penn State University and a Master of Science in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He worked in the natural resources sector for quite a while and while on it, he had a chance to meet CEOs in the sector who helped him to understand the business dynamics of the sector.

Freedom Checks are payments received from public companies otherwise known as Master Limited Partnerships as a return on an investment. There are over 58 MLPs in the United States and still growing. The concept of MLPs came into being when the US congress enacted statute-26 F to allow citizens to invest in public companies in the natural resource industry. For a company to be a MLP and enjoy tax exemptions, it must pass 90% of its profits to investors.Matt Badiali clarified on the video he released online that US citizens can stand a chance to reap huge profits in form of freedom checks . You can invest as little as $10 in companies that Matt Badiali recommends and wait for returns.

The checks are disbursed quarterly and sometimes, monthly. The investment is just like any other investment, only that there is a huge investment return because of tax benefits that are accrued to investing in Master Limited Partnerships.Mr. Badiali estimated that the public companies will be paying out $34.6 billion to investors by July, 2019. The United States government had put in place many incentives to make companies in the oil and mining industries to blossom. The companies are encouraged to source their products locally to reduce costs. Therefore, the companies are going to make huge profits and the end beneficiaries are its investors. Matt Badiali uses unique and sophisticated investment strategies to fish out companies he recommends in the Real Wealth Strategist, his newsletter.



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