Matt Badiali and a Legitimate Investing Secret

One of the more recent investing strategies that have become a popular financial topic is Freedom Checks. When it comes to investing there are always going to be people who scam others. Many investors initially overlooked “Freedom Checks” because they seemed too good to be true. Matt Badiali is the man who has been pushing this supposed new phenomenon all over the financial world. Understanding who this man is and why he is pushing “freedom checks” on the investment world will enable individuals to come to the realization this is not a scam, but good investment opportunity that is misunderstood by even experienced investors.

Matt Badiali holds a master’s degree in Geology and has traveled all over the world inspecting mines and oil wells. He was able to meet with many CEO’s of energy suppliers and has extensive knowledge in the entire energy industry. One of his first big investments was after the 2008 stock market crash when he invested a huge sum of money in energy stocks and made a profit of over 4,400%. While attending the University of North Carolina working on his Ph.D., Matt Badiali discovered that he had a passion for finance and wanted to help average people invest their money, particularly in the volatile resource sector. He currently has a newsletter with Banyan Hill Publishing called the Real Wealth Strategist and has had several subscribers achieve triple-digit gains with some of his investment picks.

It is because of Matt Badialis background that he has been advertising “Freedom Checks” to the public. Although his advertisement made the investment opportunity seem somewhat overly sensational, he was advising investors to place their money in “Master Limited Partnerships”. “Freedom Checks” are just a fancy nickname describing the high distributions a company pays to its stakeholders. Since MLP’s pay no income taxes, they can distribute higher cash payments to investors than regular dividend paying stocks. MLP’s are typically involved in the oil and gas business, an area that Matt Badiali has spent much of his time as a geologist and would know the legitimacy of MLP’s as a great investment.


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