MAGFAST Promises To Be The Best

Relying on crowdfunding the MAGFAST start-up campaign’s goal was to raise 300,000 dollars. That objective was achieved in a little over 14 minutes.


The MAGFAST Difference

Unlike traditional chargers which are usually for a specific device MAGFAST Chargers offer a variety of ways to connect the charger and device eliminating the need for multiple chargers. Using a traditional charger requires access to an electrical outlet.

Using magnetic resonance MAGFAST products generate their own electricity independent of a receptacle. Because they don’t rely on outlets MAGFAST eliminates the unsightly tangle of wires that charging several devices at once creates.


A Higher Purpose

As a show of appreciation, a tree was planted in the name of anyone who contributed to the MAGFAST fundraising campaign. Now that the company is accepting orders a tree will be planted for each unit sold and seven trees will be planted for each order of a MAGFAST ProKit which contains each model of charger MAGFAST offers. Go Here to learn more.

The poor quality of traditional chargers sends them to the landfill sooner rather than later. MAGFAST founder and CEO Seymour Segnit claims that the longer lifespan of MAGFAST chargers and the tree planting campaign makes MAGFAST “The world’s greenest charger”. View More Information Here.


MAGFAST Chargers

The WallCharger unit is designed to allow for the charging of multiple devices including MAGFAST portable chargers while leaving receptacles free. As they are magnetic, MAGFAST chargers can be linked together to charge each other. The LifeCharger is for general charging purposes and the Air Charger is for charging stand compatible devices.

The RoadCharger that offers the added safety of a built-in flashlight is designed for use in the car. Storing sufficient power to jump-start an automobile LifeChargerExtreme is the most powerful charger allowed by Federal Law. The TimeCharger is for Apple watches.



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