MAGFAST Offers New Lineup for True Wireless Charging Capabilities


MAGFAST Offers New Charging Solution and Products

MAGFAST Chargers have been developed by Oxford University-graduate Seymour Segnit. As the CEO and founder of MAGFAST, he sought to change the world of wireless device charging by taking advantage of the magnetic technology that improves upon the current form of wired charging.

His newest product, “MAGFAST Extreme”, uses a power bank that allows Qi wireless charging technology to power up to three devices at once. Also, the company reports that the device can charge up to 25 vehicles on a single charge and with the use of an available accessory.

MAGFAST Time for Apple Watch™ is another new product that allows wearable devices to gain a charge that lasts for up to two weeks. The devices are offered in alpine white and forest green, and they work nicely with any decorating scheme. Read This Article for more information.


Additional MAGFAST Charger Offerings

The new devices and the original MAGFAST product offerings are compatible with both wired and wireless charging capable products. USB connectors and a 12-volt line mean that you’ll be able to charge virtually any wireless device and even some household products.

International charging options are also offered for those that are traveling abroad or live outside of North America. A built-in charging cable is offered on the MAGFAST Extreme, and internal storage for adapters is incorporated within other MAGFAST products.

Currently, you’ll find these products offered for sale by MAGFAST:



Becoming a Backer With MAGFAST

MAGFAST is offering an opportunity to save on its products and to earn a gift that’s valued at $30. More details and information regarding the MAGFAST products and how to take advantage of the special offer can be found by visiting


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