Madison Street Capital, winners of the 16th annual M&A awards

According to the press release on, Madison Street Capital won Debt Financing Deal of the Year from the 16th annual M&A Advisor Awards this November, for advising on the transaction for WLR automotive. David Ferguson the CEO and President of M&A Advisor, noted how his company picked the winners of the awards from 650 participating companies. The press release includes a note of thanks from the CEO of Madison Street Capital, an overview of M&A Advisor’s influence within the industry, a link to the list of the 69 winners, and a brief description of MSC’s services and reputation. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital is a middle market investment bank offering various services including private equity, mergers and acquisitions, business valuations, advising, investing, corporate tax planning, and venture capital. Having been in business since 2005, they have built a reputation for excellence and reliability in the field of investment banking, based on the philosophy that all financial circumstances demand careful analysis and precise recommendations. As a result, they have established themselves as a leading provider of financial services.


While Madison Street Capital provides varied services, their focus seems to be in Mergers and Acquisitions. For example, on their own website they emphasize the means by which they make sure a merger goes well, noting how their method of looking into a company’s true value helps to get a clear picture of a company’s future opportunities. In addition, they provided a 2016 outlook for Hedge Fund M&A, in which they noted that the outlook for mergers was strong despite the pervious year’s mediocre performance, and that there were more deal mechanisms available than the traditional M&A. Yet whatever financial service a client seeks from them, the company will handled the situation with caution and grace. As they say, they strive to match the appropriate financing and capital structure to each unique client situation, and have an unwavering dedication to the highest professional standards.



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