Luke Lazarus— the Go-to Physician for Startups and Ailing Enterprises

The success that Luke Lazarus has achieved in his business career life is unparalleled in Australia. This entrepreneurship mogul started exhibiting signs of a business person since he was eight years old. At that age, Lazarus opened a company, from which he managed to earn thousands of dollars. This was an indicator that he had a talent, far from education, which could lead him to success if adequately nurtured.

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At 24, Luke Lazarus obtained an MBA from the Melbourne School of Business. His choice of the institution was inspired by his passion for giving back to his community in Australia. Otherwise, he would have studied at Harvard University in the US, where he had been admitted after his high school education.

Immediately after graduation, Luke ventured into business by starting four organizations. He managed the firms successfully until the point where he felt that he was not impacting his community significantly. At the age of 33, he sold all the firms and opened a consultancy agency.

The primary goal of Luke Lazarus when establishing the consultancy firm was to provide advice to young entrepreneurs who wished to venture into business but lacked the knowledge. With the vast experience he had gained while running his companies, Luke had the aptitude for advising any business enthusiast who would listen to him. Primarily, Luke Lazarus focused on startups, a business stage where he knew entrepreneurs faced a lot of challenges.

One of the challenges that entrepreneurs endure while starting their enterprises is difficulty in penetrating the market. This is due to the adverse market forces, which suppress the progress of these young organizations.

One of the forces id stiff and unfair competition in the market. In any industry, some firms tend to control the operations of the entire sector.

They have sufficient capital to compete in every angle in the market. This impacts the market reach for the small entities, with most of them collapsing at an early stage. In the past, advertising was a challenge for small enterprises. This was because the only channels available were the mainstream media. However, as new technological advancements emerge, this process has become easier for small companies.

Social media is one of the platforms that have offered great assistance to startups regarding marketing activities. Organizations can now communicate with billions of audience on such social media platforms as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. According to Luke Lazarus, this has been a breakthrough for small enterprises because all they need to do is develop content that can convert their audience into customers.

Despite the process seeming simple, Luke Lazarus admits that crafting inspirational marketing content takes more than just writing. The task requires top-notch creativity and innovation. This is because the content should be intended to sweep the emotions of the audience, convincing them to subscribe to the services of the entrepreneur.

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Having been at the helm of multiple organizations during his youth, Luke Lazarus possesses sufficient skills to craft such messages and content for young entrepreneurs. For this reason, he has proved himself to be the go-to person whenever business enthusiasts contemplate starting a firm.

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