Luke Lazarus Discusses Why Startup Companies Should Create Value to both Investors and Customers

Luke Lazarus is an experienced marketing expert who has been in the industry for more than twenty years. He started his first business when he was eight years and went on to become one of the most standout students both in grade and his school.

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He got scholarships to pursue his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the United States but chose to pursue higher and tertiary education in his home country, Australia.

After graduating with a Master’s in Business Administration, Luke Lazarus started his entrepreneurship journey where he has been the face and brain behind four startups.

However, Lazarus is a unique entrepreneur who is mostly focused on making a startup company succeed before he can dispose of it. He has already sold all the four startup companies that he started and made substantial profits to support his life.

However, like any other person who is passionate about what they do, Luke Lazarus has not moved out of the business world.

He is currently spending much of his time marketing and offering consultancy services to startup companies that are interested in breaking into the competitive and crowded consumer sector. He has a long list of satisfied customers that he has served in the last ten years.

His influence in the startup industry has been growing after guiding several startup companies to much-needed success. He is convincing in his approach and does not leave any stone unturned.

According to Luke Lazarus, most of the startup companies fail after five years of inception. They do not make to see their fifth birthday because they are not run professionally.

Thousands of startups that are started in various parts of the world do not live to see their future and to realize their dreams as well. Lazarus highlights that business owners should make sure they have a complete understanding of the business market before they can invest their resources.

According to Luke Lazarus, most of the companies don’t have the necessary infrastructure to attract venture capitalists who invest in various organizations to get profits when companies succeed.

Startup companies have failed to convince the limited number of investors about why they should invest in their companies. They do not have objectives, goals, and missions, which shows how they will expand and grow in the future.

Another major challenge in sourcing funds from investors is that hundreds of companies out there in the industry are not innovative enough to attract customers. Most of the entities are only investing in products and services that have been in the industry for many years. They have not been creating value for the customers.

Luke Lazarus notes that startup companies should make sure that they create value for their customers and investors as well.

He notes that the world has significantly changed, and both customers and investors must get something of value from the company for them to spend their money.

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For customers, the products on offer must solve their problems cheaply. On the other hand, investors must have a feeling that their investments will generate profits in the long term.

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