Luiz Carlos Trabuco Implements Change To Leadership At Bradesco Bank

There are a lot of changes coming to the way that Bradesco bank is run. Their future has been changed based on the recent shift in power. The long time President Lazaro Brandao has declared that he will step down from the position. At the age of ninety one, his family is very supportive of this decision and is keen to see him more often.

While this has left a gap at the top of Brazil’s second largest financial institution based on market value, it is important to note that there a re a lot of differences that relate to the way that the organization will be run in future times. Since there are a lot of changes to leadership it is clear that Luiz Carlos Trabuco will make an impact and lead the bank to future prosperity as he has been appointed to be the new president.

Since Luiz Carlos Trabuco is currently the CEO office holder, it will be necessary to appoint a new chief executive officer in coming years. The existing standard of leadership as proven by Brandao has been to promote from within, giving executives and leaders a better chance at diversification based on the improvement of internal standards and regulations. It is clear that there are a lot of opportunities for development in addition to ongoing methods of improvement.

Trabuco is a valuable member of the organization because he has cultivated ongoing standards of operation that are both important and address incumbent challenges in the industry. Since he has been an influential member of the leadership team it is likely that he will be involved with some of the hiring decisions. Meanwhile, Brandao is stepping down from his presidency while maintaining an authoritative role in the overall development of the holding companies that own Bradesco Bank.

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The decision will be made behind closed doors, but the organization has advocated for seven key candidates to help in this process. These are individuals that have worked hard and gained prominent reputations in the industry as well as based on institutional reform at multiple levels. The organizational goals are furthered based on their proficiency in key areas.

One of the candidates, Alexander Gluher has been instrumental in the recent acquisition of HSBC retail facilities. This merger was huge, at an estimated five point two billion dollars. As one of the largest acquisitions in the history of banking it is vital to see that he has been able to establish valuable leadership throughout this process. Based on the articulate and well defined aspects of this individuals time in office it is evident that there are a lot of unique ways that he stands out.

Most officials have been with the organization since the nineteen seventies or eighties with only a couple of exceptions. The long standing history of each candidate resonates with the core values of Bradesco Bank according to It also demonstrates how there are ongoing changes as well as implementation standards that are vital to the overall development of the organization in the future. Brandao advocated that there should be greater attention to detail when it comes to digital banking. This can be better established with highly skilled executives that are familiar with incumbent challenges and problems.

Overall the decision will be a tough one since there are multiple well versed candidates. Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the current CEO sets a great example of how leadership can improve the company overall. Ever since his appointment there have been changing in the evaluation of the company at large as well as ongoing assessments of the value that is provided to the public with the bank on a whole.

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