Lovaganza Is Helping to Bring Everyone Closer Together

Most people are filled with a great deal of compassion and empathy. When various parts of the world are hit by natural disasters almost everyone finds themselves wanting to help in whatever way they can. And the same applies to situations such as areas suffering from drought or lack of food. There’s only one problem with this almost universal desire to help the suffering. There’s seldom a clear path to do so. Everyone wants to help, but few people know of any way to do so. And of course any given situation is filled with issues which affix charitable efforts on quite firmly to that one specific thing. People are often at a loss for how to really help the world as a whole.

And that’s exactly what a group called Lovaganza is trying to change. Their main goal is to bring a standard minimum quality of life to the whole world. One of the first steps was simply creating a list of items which anyone, anywhere, could agree with. For example, they want to ensure that children always have access to clean drinking water. And that those same children also have access to books and a basic education as they grow older. That’s the more serious and charitable side of Lovaganza. But this aspect of the group is paralleled by the fun and exciting performances that they also showcase.

Lovaganza is all about celebrating the diverse cultures of the world. And there’s few better ways to do so than through music, dance and other forms of art. These are the purest expressions of human joy and emotion. And it’s easy to find oneself gaining a new appreciation for any given region or people after seeing performances born within those areas.

But one of the best parts about these performances is that they provide an easy way for people to help make the world a better place. The performance and humanitarian aid all operate under the same umbrella. This means that profits from the performances automatically contribute to humanitarian efforts. Simply by appreciating and enjoying some amazing performances one will essentially be helping the regions those people come from. And this is by no means limited to those areas. Lovaganza is dedicated to helping everyone, everywhere, obtain the very basics of a happy life. And in the process of showcasing these performances it helps to highlight the fact that all the people’s of the world have the same basic emotions and joys in common with each other.

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Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.


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