Lori Senecal Says Goodbye To CP&B

Businesswoman Lori Senecal is saying adios to CP&B (Crispin, Porter & Bogusky). CP&B is a reportedly creative advertising agency that focuses on creating advertising campaigns that promote different businesses. The recent resignation of some key players in the company has left the otherwise solid business with some weak spots in the business’ hierarchy. The agency has had to accept the realities of a few of its most significant leaders leaving. Last June 2017, Lori Senecal, the global CEO of CP&B, told the press she would be leaving the ad agency by the close of this year.

Richard Pinder

Weeks prior, Senecal witness the departure of Richard Pinder the UK Branch CEO. Pinder’s exit will also impact the company. Prior to taking this position, Pinder co-founded The House Worldwide organization. While Pinder held the reins, the company worked with a number of different world renowned brands such as Argos, Laurent Perrier. Lenovo, and Levis. Pinder is looking to fulfill a dream. He is looking to work as an entrepreneur. Visit Adweek to know more.

Buonaguidi and Arjun Singh

Additionally, the UK branch is also coming to terms with the loss of executives Buonaguidi and Arjun Singh. The pair has moved on to open a consulting business called Unltd.

Lori Senecal

Senecal is leaving the business in accordance with a mutual agreement she signed two years ago when she took the job. Prior to her time with CP&B, she was employed for seven months with MDC Partners. She worked as the company’s global executive chairman. Before taking that position, she was the CEO of MDC Partners Network shop KBS. SHe held that position for six years. Senecal has also been employed as McCann Worldgroup’s global chief innovation officer.

Other Accomplishments

While with CP&B, Senecal garnered an advertising contract with American Airlines. Prior to signing with Senecal, the airline had only done business with one agency for the past quarter of a century. The Ad Age Data Centre reports that the ad agency’s revenue saw an increase of 21 percent last year due to Senecal’s leadership skills. Finally, Senecal is also one of the founders of TAG ideation.

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