London’s Livery Companies Receive Royalty Treatment at Vintners’ Hall

Vintners’ Hall, the spiritual home to the UK Vintners trade hosted over 120 elite members of London’s Livery Companies. The members, consisting of mostly wardens and clerks of these livery companies regularly hold events around London. This time, however, they were treated to an illuminating event that exuded the venue’s elegant décor as well as the creative service and catering skills of the staff.

The event featured upscale foods at the reception such as broad bean, smoked eel croquettes, pepperonata baskets, prosciutto ham and Tietar cheese, Foie gras, rosemary and goats curd, truffle buttons, and white chocolate. Searcys, a catering and management service company that serves at Vintners’ Hall catered for the foods.

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Assistant Clerk of The Worshipful Distillers’ Company, Kim Lyons expressed satisfaction with the service they were afforded by Vintners’ Hall and claimed they would hold all the major events of the year in that venue. Vintners’ Hall and Searcys received credit for facilitating an inspiring and memorable event coupled with their flexibility and quality. The event started with sampling and tastings of over 200 top shelf spirits then proceeded to cuisine tasting.

The Sales & Marketing Manager for Searcys, Patricia Paixao admitted that it was their most successful event yet after receiving positive feedback and inquiries from some people. Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants, Julie Fox, was left in awe of the Vintners’ Hall. She claimed it was the perfect event venue due to its sense of grandeur.

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About UK Vintners

Vintners’ Hall received its first Charter in 1363. It is one of 12 Livery Companies in London and one of the first companies to be established boasting over 650 years in the business. The company has over 500 members. The company’s solid foundation is based on wine regulation, importation, and sale in the UK. Members of the Vintners‘ Hall as the Trade’s “spiritual home.”

Despite being established in the middle age, the UK Vintners company ( has evolved and continues to play a significant role in trade, charitable, educational and social interests. The company hosts a historical event known as ‘Swan Upping’ that takes an annual census of the swan population along River Thames.


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