LocationSmart Is Designed to Help Businesses

 LocationSmart is designed to help businesses use the power of IPS geolocaton with customers in a beneficial way.

Their software assigns an address to each business that connects to a network with a intranet,and extranet. The IP address is for host network to be able to identify users or devices that use their network.

The IP address provides location information or where the users are living. This can boost sales, get new customers, improve customer service, and a company’s ability to meet legal obligations. Some industries are heavily regulated by law and online businesses by the location of customers. This applies heavily to online gambling and lottery operations.

Often users location must be verified before the gambling associated businesses can accept bets or pay out money from customers that win.

Businesses like this can face some serious legal complications, when customer locations are not known or forged. This service reduces the risk of online fraud by knowing where a users account is being accessed from or the location.

IP intelligence can identify when the businesses identity is being hidden or abused. Customers may have to call the customer service department at the business to give details on their identify.

LocationSmart can provide information about where the customers are located and help with advertising and marketing. Read more:LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

It give businesses information on how to communicate and contact customers. Businesses can gear advertising to specific groups in different geographic locations. They can make phone calls or use email addresses more easily. Businesses can provide customers with information about product and services, promotions, and discounts geared to their specific interests.

This helps businesses provide more accurate local information to customers and potential customers. It identifies devices connected to your network and helps boost security. Real time information may alert you to hacking attempts. When all devices are connected, it reduce the risk of financial loss.

When businesses provide content LocationSmart protects copyright and digital data ensuring that only authorized users have access. Someone users might copy information for their own use or gain. Maintaining a strong image through brand marketing helps companies use their brand to market themselves.

LocationSmart offers a number of important location services for business. It has metrics to measure performance, manages users, and provides network security. It is used by corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and all type of companies.

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