LimeCrime Has Unique Products

LimeCrime is probably one of the most unique makeup businesses in the world. Lime Crime was launched in 2008, and has expanded since then. The creator created a fun and creative makeup line so that everyone could enjoy it. The products are all cruelty free and vegan. Doe has a love for animals and humanity, so her products are not tested on animals. To show how much she loves fairytales and animals, she chose a unicorn to be the mascot of lime crime. The unicorn is supposed to represent creativity and love for all creatures.

Doe is known as the “Unicorn Queen” of the makeup industry, and you can see this in her work. All of her products are magical and full of mystery. She took her love for makeup and fairytales and she collided them and created something incredible. You can really see Doe’s love for fairytales and makeup when you see her colored hair and bold colored makeup. She has always used makeup and fashion as a way of expressing herself, and she wants others to feel free to do the same too. She takes her work very seriously and she takes her customers feelings into consideration. She tries out all of her products before launching them, and if it is something she wouldn’t wear, then she won’t post them.

LimeCrime features several different products, which includes pop on nails, highlighter, eye shadow pallets, matte lipstick, unicorn lipstick, metallic lipstick, diamond crushers lip gloss, loose pigments, and more. They also feature a new semi permanent line of hair colors. There are several different hair colors to choose from. They have about every color you could possibly think of. Even though Lime Crime has received a massive amount of success, Doe doesn’t plan on stopping now. She’s open to bigger dreams and bringing fantasies to life through her work.


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