Lime Crime’s Colorful Eye Makeup Products

Lime Crime by Doe Deere is heralded as the makeup for unicorns on their website. And if unicorns were to wear makeup they likely would wear Lime Crime makeup products. Why? This makeup company is like a super color explosion. They sell products that are almost the makeup of legend. Remember when you’d go Halloween shopping and want to have an awesome fairy, Strawberry Shortcake, or another colorful character look and all you could buy was cheap Halloween makeup with lousy color payoff? Lime Crime sells colors in forms that are long lasting and have exquisite color pay off. Another great thing about Lime Crime makeup is that they are vegan and cruelty free. They are known mostly for their rainbow lip colors, but they do also sell eye makeup.

Eyeshadow Palettes
As of the moment Lime Crime has Venus: The Grunge Palette in their eyeshadow palette department. It’s Edgy, grunge, and at the same time holds a certain level of Venus Goddess beauty to it. There are eight eyeshadow colors in the palette. The colors are titled: muse (deep wine red), rebirth (a tangy orange), divine (soft silver), creation (warm brown), aura (light cream), Venus (pomegranate red), shell (light pink), and icon (deep brown). Venus: The Grunge Palette in limited to one per customer. The product is priced for thirty-eight dollars.

Lime Crime Liquid Eyeliners are bold, fierce and just as colorful as any of their other makeup. The shades they sell are quill (black, lunar sea (white), blue milk (robin’s egg blue), citreuse (neon green), reason (silver), rhyme (butter yellow), lazuli (bold blue), and orchidaceous (orchid purple). They’re sold for fourteen dollars each.

Zodiac Glitter
Lime Crime’s Zodiac Glitter is practically a dream come true. Each glitter is based off of signs of the zodiac and named after each sign. The glitter can be used not only around eyes, but on lips, nails and pretty much all over the body so long as it isn’t eaten. Aquarius Zodiac Glitter is a bold blue. Aries is a peach pink. Cancer is a lovely teal. Capricorn is an emerald green. Gemini is a shocking pale diamond. Leo is a warm yellow orange. Libra is neon purple. Ophiuchus is a shiny silver. Pisces is a very light blue-ish shade. Sagittarius is a bold neon pink. Scorpio is an ebony black. Virgo is white. Each Zodiac Glitter is sold for ten dollars.
Lime Crime Glitter Helper is another product the company has that’s a glitter adhesive to help keep the glitter long-lasting. It’s priced at twenty dollars a tube.

“Doe” Eyes
Doe Deere according to galoremag is the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was originally from Russia, moved to New York when she was young, and moved yet again to Los Angeles California with her husband and cats.

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