Lime Crime is Tops For Makeup Line

Not very many people know about Lime Crime but for those who do, they most likely know just the basic facts. Like they create color hues that most makeup companies will not make or that they are manufactured in the United states. Here are some other fun facts that you might not have known about.

The Lime Crime makeup company came about as an idea from a woman who wanted to have shades of makeup that other companies did not already manufacture. The shades of makeup consisted of color hues that most other companies did not make because they were so out of this world that they didn’t think anyone would want to purchase the shades of makeup.

The company was made by someone who only had a little bit of money to put into startup costs so therefore the makeup company is not like any other company out there which came into sales with extensive backing or with the help of various other resources.

When the other companies started to see the sales of the company and that the color choices made by the Lime Crime company they opted to create makeup shades similar in color. The colors that are created by the other companies are close in shade but do not have the same qualities as the other competitors. Also bear in mind that most of the other companies can not guarantee that the makeup is cruelty and animal free.

If you have ever seen videos online of companies who test their products on the animals then you know how important it is to you and other animal lovers to keep the makeup cruelty free.

The Lime Crime makeup company creates a variety of hues in lip gloss,lip stick as well as other great makeup choices. If you like boldness and have never been able to express yourself because there was never a makeup line that you could use to show how unique you are. You can blend the variety of different colors together to create that unique palette to your liking. The colors can match the nails as well since the colors are available in nail polish as well.

If you want to spend just a little bit of time on your makeup without spending a ton of money each week or month then you should look into Lime Crime because they are affordable as well as stylish.

  1. Carolina

    The Lime Crime company will not test their products on animals and is cruelty free. There is many choices to choose from that are all well within your budget which makes it an even better option for you to use. There are also some ways in which they need help writing a paper but cannot send it over for analysis.

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