Lime Crime Flows With Trend Setting Color Choices

Every spring there are new trends that come out on the market and each year, fashionistas and trend lovers all around the world flock to their favorite stores to purchase the latest trends. You will see them spread out on the covers of magazines, inside of the magazines and even while at festivals. If you love to follow the latest trends, this is where the love of makeup comes into play.

There is inspiration in everywhere that you turn. There are beautiful colors all around and beauty trends in every corner. One place that knows how to set a trend is Lime Crime. The brand who is founded by Doe Deere surprises its consumers each year with the color choices they reveal and their take on the latest trends.

Lime Crime is releasing new products each season and each month that will help you to achieve your own level of personality. One of their latest additions is the highlighter. This is going to allow you to put some emphasis on your best features which draws peoples attention to where you want them to look instead of everywhere else.

If you are someone who loves to accent your eyes, their heavenly grunge look is something that you should see. In their latest spring shades, there are 8 new color shades for you to choose from. The Venus 3 Palette is showcasing the latest trend setting color shades which will also help you to display your own individuality.

If you want your eyes to sparkle and do not want people to turn their attention to the color on your lips, then choose a matte lip color. There are an abundance of lip color options to choose from but if you select one that is matte, the shades of color on your eyes that pop will allow others to see and focus on them instead. For lipstick lovers, the matte look will offer no shine or gloss to the shade choice. It will also have no texture. It will allow the people looking at you to only notice the shape of your lips and nothing else. Lime Crime knows what they are doing and help others to learn the right tricks and tips to be successful when applying makeup or products made by their brand.


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