Lime Crime Changes The Rules To Cosmetics

Doe Deere is someone that has set the bar quite high for Lime Crime. She has become one of those entrepreneurs that has taken his brand to new heights, and very few people would have guessed that she could do this. It is all part of the charm that she has presented as part of her ability to express herself in a different way. There are tons of people that have never heard of Lime Crime, but Doe Deere is certainly working to fix this.

She wants everyone to become familiar with the company that is known as one of the more creative forces when it comes to unique makeup styles. She does anyone to jam this company into a box, and Lime Crime definitely stands outside as a product line created by someone that’s thinking outside of the box. It shows that this is a brand that does not even put things like gender into question when it comes to cosmetics. This is a gender-neutral product line that can be utilized by both men and women.

Lime Crime is pushing different boundaries and giving people something to talk about. What Doe Deere does is create something that would help her coordinate with the fashion world. Her passion in entrepreneurship was found with clothing long before it was found with cosmetics so Doe Deere made an attempt to blend these two things. She wanted people to feel like they had an ally when it came to finding cosmetics that would complement their clothing. She has promoted many of the videos herself, and she has been adamant about making sure that colors come in abundance when it comes to these types of eyeliner and lipstick products are presented.

Doe Deere has been able to take on a lot of challenges and create a company that is going to build a bridge the gaps that the millennials and the older crowds of cosmetic consumers enjoy. She has made it her job to make sure that the millennial crowd and the teenagers that are currently apart of the cosmetics community embrace new choices that are available.


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