Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere Carries Fashion Into Bright Fluorescent Age

Cutting-edge Makeup Artist Founder & CEO Doe Deere offers a great line of cosmetics for the avant-garde. Her line of Lime Crime Cosmetics allows all women to express themselves using the full array of tints, hues and colors. Learn why entrepreneur Doe Deere is leading the beauty industry into a bright future.

Fashion Grows By Taking Chances

While some established, mainstream designers might have started off with “cutting-edge” designs, over the years, they eventually might fall into a “standardized look” for commercial purposes. Unfortunately, this can resemble an authoritarian “Iron Curtain.” Devoid of creativity, women simply become robots when they follow this tired, boring and mundane pattern.

Avant-garde fashion trendsetters are like a fresh new bud that breaks through the garden ground in the spring. They provide the fresh, energetic ideas that enables fashion to advance to the next dimension. Doe Deere is a trendsetter taking women’s fashion to new heights.

Certain fashion rules can be like an anchor preventing a balloon from soaring to new heights. Deere’s Lime Crime makeup parlor is a counter-culture assault on the following fashion rules:

Breaking these rules is fun. Fun fashion is what Doe Deere is all about. And while she breaks these rules, Doe Deere also creates new aesthetically-pleasing looks.

Lime Aqua & Violet

The Lime Crime Cosmetics Founder & CEO Doe Deere was raised in New York City. She understands fashion. She wants to help women create a truly unique look.

Doe Deere’s colorful, magical and cruelty-free cosmetics allow women to dream. She offers shades that are fanciful, expressive and delightful.

Consumers can find eye shadow liner and lipstick in more unique shades at Lime Crime. Lime, aqua and violet wigs are also readily available to allow you to create a splash. Get the attention you deserve with bright makeup products.

Who is that girl?

Women do not want to be seen in the same dress at an important gala, so why would they want to be seen in the same makeup? Doe Deere understands the creative urge, passion and needs of the artistic crowd. They want to use their makeup and clothes to truly express who they are.

Stand out from the crowd. Get noticed and be yourself with Lime Crime Cosmetics. Just as Apple Computer broke the tired robotic conformity of IBM, Doe Deere has challenged the mainstream fashion status quo.

Show off your true verve, finesse and soul with eco-friendly, cruelty-free Doe Deere Lime Crime Cosmetics. You will definitely stand out and brighten any room.

Doe Deere has an eye for fashion. She can show you what works and what doesn’t work in the Bright Fluorescent Age of Fashion Forward-Thinking. Explore your soul with Lime Crime Cosmetics.

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