Law Firms and Legal Services in Brazil

Getting legal services and help in Brazil should not be an uphill task with so many law firms under qualified and experienced legal teams.

Amongst the senior and distinguished lawyers is Dr. Leonidas Oliveira a managing partner of Oliveira Lawyers group. Oliveira Lawyers is Headquartered in Sao Paulo although several branches are located in major cities in Brazil. The company promises clients a compressive approach to their legal needs putting into perspective the cultural, social and political dynamism as well as sensitivity to emerging issues

The Nice Law Firm practices in the in the area of criminal defense. With more than 30 years helping clients with various legal issues. The Nice Law Firm, LLP is well knowledgeable in a variety of criminal defense issues.

Leite, Tosto is a Sao-Paulo based legal firm specializes in corporate law. It has more than 25 years’ experience thus making it one of the best legal experts in the country and in this specialty. Ricardo Tosto is one its founding partners and has led successful cases in Banking Contracts, Credit recovery, Bankruptcy, Acquisition Review, Reorganization, Business Restructuring, Administrative Law, Civil Law, Election Law, and Commercial Law and a host of other legal areas and learn more about Ricardo.

Ricardo Tosto has been an attorney for several high-profile individuals in Brazil. His experience makes him a go-to person in legal matters and a force to reckon with in the legal profession. He has contributed broadly to the legal practice in Brazil as a major trainer and participant in legal researchers and more information click here.

Baker & McKenzie is another Brazil based firm engaged in legal research and focusing particularly in global law. It has been hailed for its focus on economic issues and domestic law issues.

Fragomen Worldwide: Based in Rio de Janeiro, this law firm specializes in immigration law. The company has cut a niche for itself especially in the consideration of the growth in the cultural exchange between Brazil and the rest of the world and Ricardo on Facebook.

As Brazil continues to open up to the world, the legal profession will play an instrumental role in drafting and laws that are in harmony with cultural, political and social standings of the nation.

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