Law Firm Founded By Todd Levine Named Best in Nation


The law firm Kluger Kaplan has been named as the best law firm in the United States by the entity Best Lawyers in America. Kluger Kaplan was provided recognition as the top law firm in the nation due to a combination of its legal expertise, professional conduct and dedication to serving its many clients. For the second year in a row, this law firm established itself as the premier legal practice in Florida and the rest of the United States.

Each year the Best Lawyers compiles a list of law firms and professionals in the legal field. It evaluates over 87,000 industry professionals and lawyers who are able to provide their feedback. With over 10 million evaluations on the legal abilities of lawyers and firms, the Best Lawyers names its choice as the top law firm in the nation.

Kluger, Kaplan has a staff of very talented lawyers who specialize in a variety of legal branches. They offer assistance such as real estate litigation, family law and mergers and acquisitions. A few of the lawyers who were recognized for their performance include Alan Kluger, Abbey Kaplan and Todd Levine. Bruce Katzen is one lawyer who has established himself as a top legal practitioner in Securities and Capital Markets law and commercial litigation. Alan Kluger is another lawyer of the firm who has been recognized for his work in family law along with banking and finance litigation.

The founder of Kluger, Kaplan, is Todd Levine. He is a leading real estate litigation lawyer who has established a reputation of providing effective representation and service for his clients. As the founder of the law firm, Todd Levine has looked to recruit talented lawyers and continue providing high quality service to the many clients the firm has. Over the years, Todd Levine has represented many clients in real estate litigation cases such as investors, contractors, property owners and real estate brokers.


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