Kynect Combines Power Utilities and Network marketing

Rob Snyder founded Kynect company in 2005 in Dallas, Texas. Kynect is one of the first companies to combine network marketing of gas and electric energy services globally. Snyder wanted to bridge the large gap between selling energy utility and network marketing.

Average people can become associates and sell the utility services globally to their friends and families while in a network program. People who get these utility sales make extra income and get credit. Ambitious entrepreneurs can work towards the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of through Kynect.

Having the opportunity to make extra money is not the only reason why people like Kynect. Kynect is a cultural movement open to everyone. Kynect wants to help people achieve goals that are bigger than themselves. People join Kynect because they want to get involved in small business on their own terms, their own schedule, and salary. Kynect has many other services in addition to gas and electric. Kynect offers wireless plans for cellphones and wifi. Customers can sign up for emergency roadside service, virtual medical assistance, identity theft protection, and more.

Associates make varying different amounts of money depending on varying degrees of knowledge, dedication, experience, and effort. Not everyone will make high salaries in this business. Associates see Kynect as a family rather than a corporation. Some Associates use Kynect as a part-time job to make some extra cash. For other Associates, they make Kynect their regular full-time job. Go Here to learn more.

There are some people who are employees at Kynect. Employees get many benefits that include paid maternity and paternity leave, health benefits, a wellness program, competitive pay, 401K, service discounts, disability and life services. and company events. Whether a person is an employee or an Associate, they believe in Kynect’s four mantras: Transparency, be panic-less, best idea wins, and solve problems. See This Page for additional information.


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