Karl Heideck: An Experienced Complex Litigator

Karl Heideck is experienced in complex litigation

Karl Heideck is experienced in complex litigation

Becoming a lawyer, especially a highly trained litigator, is no simple task. Not only does a litigator require a bachelor’s degree, but also a law degree, which takes an additional three years of specialized legal classes. Even after obtaining a law degree, the potential lawyer must pass the state bar exam, a test with extremely high failure rates, averaging over a 40% failure rate last year alone.* After passing the bar exam and gaining admission to the bar, the applicant must also regularly attend continuing legal application classes to maintain their bar status.

Karl Heidek not only achieved all of this, he has gone on to aid in litigating many high-level disputes. Kark has gone on to success with several prominent Philadelphia firms, including Conrad O’Brian, Pepper Hamilton, LLP, and Grant and Eisenhower.

Karl Heidek’s practice focuses on litigation disputes in the area of complex securities fraud and banking litigation. His further focus in these areas on issues such as risk management, acquisitions, transactions, and liquidity positions related to the 2008 banking crisis gives him a leg up on the competition when dealing with litigation in these areas.

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Karl Heidek is the one to call for these matters and more, including his efforts as a top-level quality control specialist assisting in pharmaceutical litigation, white collar defense, bankruptcy restructuring, and major construction. As a quality control specialist, Karl Heidek has gone above and beyond the call of duty by developing unique, specialized quality control protocols.

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