Julia Jackson Path To The Wines Industry

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson ‘10, the proprietor at Jackson Family Wines and alumni of Scripps College with a bachelor’s degree in art, can be termed as a figure to emulate in the wines production industry. Her mom and dad, Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke respectively, have been an excellent source of motivation ever since she was a young entrepreneur. She is the middle daughter in the family, born and brought up in San Francisco, California. Often, she has been put in record recalling, with a lot of nostalgia, the way her dad used to mobilize children to sort and pick grapes in a hundred degree weather condition. It was at such times that her dad used to reiterate the importance of diligence at the workplace.During the summer holidays, Julia opted to work at the Jackson Family Wineries. It is during this period that she befriended and developed a deep-rooted bond with a young French-speaking girl who worked in the family wineries.

Julia JacksonThe friendship grew into daily companionship, and it’s during this time, Julia learned the culture, language, and personality of the French people. All this happened at their summer resident Bordeaux. Her passion and dedication to the family business led Julia to receive the mantle to handle the business and product marketing unit.She is today the core runner of the family business and takes the role of a spokesman concerning the family winery. Today, the organization has extended their products market distributors to almost every part of the world, that is, North America, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, and South Africa. They offer high winery products like Kendall-Jackson that is a darling to many consumers. Additionally, she established the Cambria. It is a program that goes by the name Seeds of Empowerment giving project. The project grants her over a hundred thousand dollars every year in real money awards to non-profit women empowerment associations. In a nutshell, Julia is an inspiring and eminent lady to emulate.


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