Jose AuriemoNeto -Brazil’s Construction Czar

Jose AuriemoNeto is a well-known and respected name in Brazil’s construction industry. He is the chairman of the JHSF Group. Though the company was started by his father, Jose AuriemoNeto has overseen the company’s expansion into innovative development ventures in Brazil, in the US and Uruguay. His focus has always been to make the company the best in the construction industry.

Jose AuriemoNeto has not only built many iconic commercial and residential buildings but has also invested in retail malls. In 2009, JHSF launched a retail mall in Sao Paulo, Brazil for high-end shopping. The company entered into partnerships with designer brands including Pucci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo. He was also instrumental in launching Valentino and Red Valentino stores in Brazil for the first time. Since then the volume of sales of luxury products in Brazil has been on the upswing. The Business of Fashion has named Neto as one of the most influential individuals in the fashion industry in its annual list of 500 influential individuals.

Jose AuriemoNeto changed the face of his family’s construction company JHSF Holdings. He first expanded the company’s services by launching a parking management company called Parkbem. His next mega-project was the development of the first shopping mall venture of the company-Shopping Santa Cruz. In 2006, he built one of the first upscale luxury brand shopping mall called Shopping CidadeJardim. He then oversaw the design, development and, implementation of the Catarina Fashion Outlet in Sao Paulo. From a company that focused on construction, JHSF under the leadership of Jose AuriemoNeto now owns a shopping mall subsidiary JHSF Malls SA that runs several well-known shopping malls in Brazil, a hospitality group called Fasano Hotels and Restaurants and Sao Paulo’s Executive Airport- the Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport in Sao Roque.

Jose AuriemoNeto is committed to making his company grow at a fast pace. He has developed over six million square meters of commercial and residential real estate since he took over the reins of his family company. The secret of his success is his willingness to find innovative ventures and convert them into successful projects.

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