Jingdong Introduces New Wines To Online Chinese Retail

Wine is something that people around the world have enjoyed for generations and it continues to be popular today. In China, consumers are wanting to try alcoholic beverages that have been imported from around the world and is helping them do it. Jingdong has introduced many foreign brands to China through their retail platforms, but one of their newest alcoholic offerings comes from Hungary in the form of Grand Tojak wines. The wines from this winery in a historic part of the country and it is backed by the government. The sweet wine has already been extremely popular since it was first introduced on the site recently. The partnership with Jingdong is the first that Grand Tojak has made into the e-commerce world of China.

After only being on the site for 10 hours, around 1,000 bottles were already sold. On top of this, they managed to gain 400,000 followers after just one day of being on Jingdong. This is the second fastest that an alcoholic beverage brand has grown on the site since it was first opened. Around 75% of customers in China prefer to drink wine that has been imported from outside of China according to their statistics. Some of the groups that this applies heavily to are women and younger consumers. They have been bringing global wine brands to consumers for years and is happy to be able to strengthen existing partnerships while creating new ones as well.

Jingdong has been the top online retailer for alcoholic beverages for 3 years and they will likely continue to hold this position. In 2018, there were upwards of 20 brands of alcoholic beverages sold on Jingdong that were able to sell upwards of 100 million RMB. 1 of these brands was able to sell more than 1 billion RMB during this time frame. The holistic strategy that uses to market these products has had a lot of success and is able to get customers excited about trying these new brands. With an increase in demand for imported wines, it looks as if the sales of alcoholic beverages on Jingdong will continue to grow.

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