JHFS: Setting The Standards For Real Estate In Brazil

JHFS is a company in Brazil which is dedicated to offering nothing but the best when it comes to real estate. The company is known for putting together some of the most high-profile properties and selling them to potential buyers. The company has been in the business of real estate for an extremely long period, and till today continues to uphold its position in the real estate business. Through the years, the company has offered their services to numerous clients from around the country, helping them get the property that they have always wanted. The company has extremely high standards when it comes to the services that they provide, and time and again go out of their way to uphold that status. The company is one of the best, and numerous people in the field look up to the company as a symbol of excellence in real estate.

JHFS was founded in 1970 and soon after it opened its doors to the general public, started doing extremely well for itself. The company has been able to change its outlook and property styles based on the current trends in the market and has been able to aptly adapt to all the changes that the industry and the company have seen. This is one of the main reasons why the company is still such a revered company in the sector of real estate. Over the years, JHFS has been the company behind numerous projects in the country, in both commercials as well as residential properties. The company has gone on to be the leading builder for various hotels, malls, hospitals and even an airport within the country of Brazil.

The founders of JHFS wanted the company to be kept within the family, and it has been this way since its inception. Even today, the company is led by the third generation of real estate developers, with Jos AuriemoNeto leading the charge as the CEO of the company. It was Jos AuriemmaNeto’s grandfather who founded the company, which is why he has a lot of pressure on him to carry on the family legacy. He has done a brilliant job in leading the company with the incredible leadership skills that he possesses to learn more: click here.


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