Jeunesse Global Product Direct Selling News

Direct Selling News is one of the definitive sources of information for anyone in or considering a direct selling business. And just last April, they named Jeunesse Global as one of the 2019 Best Places to Work. It is a prestigious honor that Jeunesse Global has achieved three times since it began just a decade ago. Scott Lewis, the Chief Visionary Officer, humbly spoke about the announcement, stating that “this honor really comes from our corporate family.” Jeunesse Global has given the corporate family a high value, choosing to invest in products that improve the health and well-being of individuals and families as well as creating an atmosphere where all employees and partners can thrive.

This type of atmosphere is not easy to create, but by giving employees unlimited PTO, access to a gym and yoga classes, and an incentive program that allows people to travel the world, Jeunesse has given their people a purpose that makes their time in and out of work rewarding. With high quality products, a great incentive program, and invigorating work environment, these workers have a job and company to believe in.

Direct Selling News partnered with a third party company, Quantum Workplace, in order to administer the confidential and anonymous survey to workers. In order to be considered for this prestigious recognition, companies must meet a minimum participation level and there is a minimum results threshold. Only by empowering people to take control of their health and their lives was Jeunesse able to meet these high standards.

Jeunesse Global launched on 9/9/2009 at exactly 9pm, a number that represents longevity, with a business model and products designed to help people thrive rather than simply survive. This founding principal launched thousands of people into better lives, and, in turn, they brought the company with them.


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