Jeremy Goldstein One of the Most Sought After Legal Practitioner and a Philanthropist

Jeremy Goldstein is an accomplished legal practitioner with decades of experience in matters executive compensation, Mergers & Acquisitions as well as corporate governance. Goldstein currently serves as a managing partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates, a New York-based boutique law firm that specializes in giving legal advice to CEOs, compensation committees, management teams as well as corporations. Goldstein, before founding his firm, practiced law in a large renowned New York law firm. Goldstein incredible track record in successfully handling a series of legal matters has made him a favorite lawyer for large corporate organizations such as IBM, United Technologies, Goldman Sach, Bank of America and South African Breweries among many others.

Jeremy Goldstein, besides being the managing partner at his private law firm, is also the Chair of M&A Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. Goldstein is also the Chairperson of Fountain House Foundation, a renowned charity organization committed to helping people with mental illness regain controls of their lives. Goldstein is an alumnus of the New York University School of Law. At the University Goldstein pursued a JD Degree. Goldstein besides holds a Bachelors and a Masters of Arts Degree.

Jeremy Goldstein, in his career, has reached a point where he needs to make difficult decision and tough choices. Goldstein, for instance, said he was recently torn between choosing whether to take up a case that required his skills or lead talks to his legal peers on any topic that he wished. Goldstein says that these are the kinds of decisions that he has to make on a day to day basis. They are difficult choices to make, but Jeremy is excited that he has reached such a point in his career life.

Jeremy Goldstein believes that the secret to his successes in the legal profession is his unique business and law perspective as well as professional relationships that he has built with clients and colleagues in the industry. The unique perspective has helped him develop solutions to difficult problems, and the relationships have helped him build a vast client base.

One trend that excites Jeremy Goldstein in the legal industry and corporate business world is the change of corporations into workers cooperatives. Goldstein always keeps track of the change experienced in the corporate and legal industry. According to Goldstein, the shift in business structure is likely going to bring new legal problems that will need to be addressed. Goldstein foresees another niche that his business can start focusing on. These types of challenges in the legal industry present new opportunities in the profession and are quite motivating says Goldstein.

One book that Jeremy Goldstein would recommend to people aspiring to venture into entrepreneurship is Made to Stick Health book by Chip and Dan. The book, according to Goldstein, present ways through which ideas can be made to stick to audiences mind.


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