Jeremy Goldstein is a Revered Philanthropist, and He Supports the Fountain House

People within the society face various challenges. As a result, some of them rely on the assistance offered by philanthropists as well as non-profit organizations. Some of these organizations are founded by people who are trying to improve the lives of various people in the society. The non-profit organizations mostly rely on the funding offered by multiple donors. Although there are many non-profit agencies in New York, Jeremy Goldstein has been helping the Fountain House. This is an organization that has been dedicated to assisting mentally disabled people within the country.


Jeremy Goldstein is proud of the work that the foundation has been doing over the years. As a result, he has tasked himself with making sure that the organization has a considerable amount of funds to continue their cause. Since 2010, the Fountain House has been benefiting from the assistance that Jeremy Goldstein. Recently, he also hosted a wine dinner. Jeremy Goldstein’s primary goal was to make sure that various philanthropists could converge in one place where they could wine and dine as they support a specific cause. Omar Khan and Jim Finkel were of great help. They made sure that the wine dinner went on as planned.


Thanks to Jeremy Goldstein, various donors were also able to meet together as they enjoyed some fine wine and various delicacies. His frantic efforts to assist the Fountain House will go a long way in improving the lives of many people living with mental illness. The Fountain House will, in turn, play a key role in making sure that they have eliminated this humanitarian crisis that has affected people all over the globe. The Fountain House has been able to ensure that mentally disabled people can now manage their finances, maintain relationships, as well as keep their jobs.


In 1944, the Rockland State Hospital was offering assistance to people with varying mental conditions. Six people from this hospital met while receiving treatment at this health facility. They agreed to form an organization that would offer support to people with the same condition as theirs. The Fountain House was then established. The Fountain House was known as “We Are Not Alone” before they rebranded in 1948. After purchasing a building in 1948, the fountain that was present in the middle of the garden inspired the new name of the organization. Over the years, they have also gained a considerable following. Through the assistance of excellent leaders such as Jeremy Goldstein, the Fountain House Board of Directors has overseen various projects including the implementation of community health programs within New York.


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