Jeremy Goldstein – An Attorney that Stands Out in A Competitive World

Jeremy Goldstein is a top US lawyer with a distinguished career in a very specialized field of the law – mergers and acquisitions. It takes a lawyer with a special skill set to work in this field. As an attorney working solo, to work in this industry you must have experience in finance, business and contract law. Jeremy Goldstein has all of that and more. His broad range of eclectic talents have led him to excel in this field.

Who Is Jeremy Goldstein?

Jeremy is most notable for the role he played in closing some of the largest deals in modern history. He helped in the acquisition of South African Breweries, Sears, Alltel, Time Warner, and even J.P. Morgan and Chase.

Most major corporations know the name well, and are always eager to work with him because of his abilities in mergers and acquisitions.Over the years, Jeremy Goldstein has acquired experience in corporate finance, commercial banking, organizational management and he brings his knowledge of all fields to the table when working on a merger deal. Goldstein excels where others fail and often CEOs prefer to work with this one powerhouse rather than a team. They often feel a team of attorneys is not as effective in corporate acquisitions as a sole individual who can meet face to face and bring the deal together.

Jeremy Goldstein with his years of experience masters the challenge of pulling all the details together. He ensures that these complex contracts are legally viable and that all assets, parties and contracts reflect the idea of the negotiation.

When negotiating a merger an attorney like Jeremy Goldstein is critical to the process because he has the expertise necessary to identify the glitches and help CEO’s to continue with or break the deal off.

He Believes in Fast Action

Goldstein believes in coming to an agreement quickly. When a merger draws out, it can become too easy for one of the parties to side line, become interested in some other project and pull out of the deal. Goldstein pushes a deal forward so that they complete as quickly as possible. Therefore, Jeremy Goldstein has created an important niche for himself where CEOs see him as a real asset to the acquisition process.

HIs Way Is Unique

Jeremy Goldstein believes an attorney-client relationships should be personal and informal. Most law offices find clients through referrals or public marketing channels, taking whatever cases come their way. Goldstein does things differently. He believes a client should be a friendly working relationship. He meets his clients at dinner parties, through other friends or social events in New York City. He believes that when a client and legal specialist can work together amicably, the come to understand each other and the legal professional can help the CEO find the appropriate growth for the company.

His Charities

Goldstein believes that he meets the best clients at social events in New York. He began frequenting social events to grow his business but found he loved attending them. So he began hosting events for charity. He works with local community organizers to ensure that events have the resourcesthey need. Just recently, Goldstein hosted a Gala in New York city where the dinner plate was $5,000 which went to a great cause, the Fountain House, a charity he helps run.


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