JD.Com Partners With Michelin China is the leading supplier of authentic consumer goods to over 300 million customers around the world. The e-commerce retailer has been vending quality clothing, electrical home appliances, foodstuff, and beauty products supplied by reputable manufacturers since 2003.

In recent years, Jingdong launched the “Boundaryless Retail Strategy,” an initiative that would give Chinese consumers the freedom to buy anything they need to complete their regular life online. The effort would replace traditional physical stores.

“We believe that customers should buy any product online, and receive it at any location on their most convenient time,” claims

In 2019, the e-commerce store publicized that it had partnered with Michelin China, a prominent manufacturer of quality tires for motor vehicles, bicycles, airplanes, gardening equipment, and motorcycles. The partnership made Jingdong the first e-commerce store to sell Michelin’s tires.

Michelin’s management confided that their company would offer premium installation services to customers who buy tires from The customers will get the installation services at their nearest Michelin auto service network.

“The collaboration is part of our Boundaryless Retail Strategy. Now, our customers can buy Michelin’s tires online. The alliance sets new standards of convenience for our automotive customers,” said Jingdong’s executives.

How will collaboration help Jingdong and Michelin’s customers? The partnership gives customers the freedom to purchase authentic tires from their most convenient location. They can place orders using their phone or computer.

Jingdong claims that online purchasing would save customers the time they would have wasted traveling to a physical store to purchase a Michelin tire. Jingdong will use its effective and quick logistic services to deliver bought tires to a customer’s preferred offline installation service center.

Apart from benefiting customers, the cooperation will help the two companies to improve their sales and profits. Already, Jingdong claims that its tire sales achieved triple-digit growth in 2018.

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