Jason Hope is Dedicated to Anti Aging Research

The anti aging industry has been gaining a lot of media attention lately with new products being offered almost daily for this cause. Jason Hope knows that there has to be a solution to slowing down the effects of aging and has dedicated himself to working with companies that want to see this solution come about. He works tirelessly with companies and charitable organizations throughout the world in order to further his goal.

Jason Hope holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and is an investor and philanthropist. He uses his knowledge in financing in order to help struggling up and coming companies to gain the financing they need to progress. His focus is on the anti aging industry and has recently donated over half a million dollars to the SENS Research Foundation. This organization has been studying the effects of aging and what can be done to stop it. They are researching finding cures for degenerative diseases and with donations from Jason Hope and others, they were able to open a new laboratory where they can conduct this research.

Jason also has a blog where he puts his views on technology and how it can be used by any industry to further their business. He has seen the advancement of technology products, especially the smartphone industry, and knows that with each advancement, the future could change drastically. Using up to date technology in research is imperative as it only increases the chances of finding cures to any number of diseases.

Jason Hope has spends his off time at his home in Phoenix, Arizona and he is an avid reader. He can often be found hiking through one of the many trails located in Arizona. He spends a lot of his time with his family and business associates, learning all that he can.


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