Jason Hope has high hopes for the future of the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a big fan of how pieces of technology communicate with each other. The communication between two or more electronic devices is known as the Internet of Things. Hope is a smart businessman who writes and comments on all of the latest tech trends. He is known for accurately predicting which direction technology is going.

The Internet of Things is all about how electronic devices we use in our daily lives such as kitchen appliances, light bulbs, air conditioning units, and smartphones talk to each other. These devices can all share one network and share bits and pieces of data. The Internet Things may change the way businesses operate in the years to come.

Hope thinks very highly of this method of communication. It is expected to have a major impact on how people control the electronic devices in their home. Using a smartphone or bluetooth remote to turn off the lights when leaving the house or to lower the temperature will become part of one’s daily routine. Large tech companies will work together to build more electronic devices that connect to the Internet of Things. New tech companies will thrive with access to more smart technology resources.

With more smart technology, the world will become a safer place to live, and there will be less human waste lying around. Smart technology can be used to give real-time weather updates and transportation routes. The technology alerts drivers to dangerous road conditions. The Internet of Things helps people get around the world.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and investor living in Scottsdale, Arizona. He earned a degree in finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He continues to conduct business in Arizona and works with other clients worldwide.

He enjoys giving back to the community he grew up in and helps young entrepreneurs achieve their goals. Hope also enjoys reading and writing about politics.

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