Jason Hope Focus Towards His Anti-Aging Project

Jason hope is one of the best futurists, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs around the world. Jason is from Arizona and spends his professional life pursuing his interest in modern technology. Jason hope studied at Arizona State University, where he graduated with a degree in finance. Jason is also an MBA holder, which he received from Carey School of business. Jason believes in modern technology and is dedicated to reaching more about rejuvenation biotechnologies. As an entrepreneur, Jason is focused on finding methods that will help prevent diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes, among others. Also, he works towards finding a way to slow down the aging process as well as reduce the effects of aging. You can find Jason Hope on Twitter @JasonHope for updates.

Recently Jason Hope donated more than $500,0000 to a research foundation Negligible Senescence which has the capability of examining thousands of methods that could slow the aging process. The organization is focused on researching and finding equipment that can be used to repair damaged cells, find strategies that could reduce by-products stored within cells as well as search for compounds that mitigate oxidation. Hope’s main goal when it comes to slowing down the process of aging is to reduce the number of deaths and enable people to live longer. Today Jason continues to work with different organizations such as SENS foundation to develop medical products and treatment plans that promote anti-aging. Jason is committed to his anti-aging project, and he recently donated money to the SENS foundation to help with the research. So far, the SENS foundation has managed to discover Glucosepane, which is the main cause of the developing of ages in human beings.

Also, Jason hope is a writer who recently released a new E-book the Internet Of Things on Amazon. The book talks about how the internet of things has helped to improve efficiency and solve problems in various industries around the globe. The E-book serves as a guide to help people understand more about the internet of things and its benefits. Jason’s book has been well received by society as it is a very educative book to entrepreneurs and philanthropists out there. During an interview, Jason was asked to advise his younger self, and he said that he would tell his younger self not to focus small details and look at the bigger picture. Jason is successful today due to his hard work and enthusiasm to succeed in his career.


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