Iskandar Safa, Privinvest’s CEO, And His Leadership Of The Shipbuilding Company To Global Success


German Naval Yards Kiel owns and operates the three largest shipbuilding yards in all of Germany, located in Kiel, Lindenau, and Nobiskrug. Just as these three manufacturers were once independent and are now in the same organization, Privinvest has brought together seven individual shipbuilding companies and currently operates them under the same label.

As a matter of fact, Privinvest owns all three of German Naval Yards’ locations.

One of the finest builders of luxury-class yachts – particularly superyachts, or large yachts – in Europe is German Naval Yards Nobiskrug, typically just called Nobiskrug. Get Related Information Here.


About Nobiskrug

Nobiskrug has been in the business of crafting and servicing marine vessels since 1905, making the company one of the most historied shipbuilders in all of Europe. Yachts haven’t always been popular, however.

Once Nobiskrug realized an opening in the greater marine vessel market to feasibly manufacture yachts, the company began pumping out yachts – Nobiskrug’s yacht operations began shortly before the turn of the millennium. The first superyacht of Nobiskrug’s was delivered in 2000. See Related Link for additional information.

Tatoosh, as the superyacht was named, was a whopping 303 feet long, or 92.5 meters.

Since then, over the past two decades, a Nobiskrug has manufactured a total of 10 superyachts, including Mogambo, Sycara V, Odessa II, and Sailing Yacht A.

Out of all of Privinvest’s outputs – not just Nobiskrug’s outputs – CEO Iskandar Safa is particularly proud of Sailing Yacht A, which netted the 2018 rendition of the World Superyacht Awards’ first-place prize for the Best Sail-Assisted Motor Yacht category.


More on Privinvest

Privinvest has holdings elsewhere in Europe and the Middle East. The first acquisition that Iskandar Safa pulled in for Privinvest was France’s then-failing Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie, or CMN, in 1991.


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