Isabel Dos Santos Wants Others To Invest In Africa

UNITEL has been making a name for itself with the help of Isabel Dos Santos, the chairperson for the telecommunications giant located in Angola. Some of the efforts that have been made by UNITEL have brought telecommunication to new parts of the country which is helping with its development. The company has done well under the leadership of Isabel and it is becoming a well-known name in communication thanks to some of the efforts that she has helped to lead. She has been an entrepreneur for many years and during this time has held many different positions in multiple industries. Many times, she has either founded or led the company that she is working with. Some of the areas that she has done business in include finance, technology, construction, energy, entertainment, education, and several others.


The billionaire Isabel Dos Santos has earned the title of the richest woman in Africa and she has become an inspiration to women across the world who are hoping to make it in the world of business. While she was born in the country of Angola, where her father served as President, Isabel Dos Santos attended school in England for both her primary and secondary education.


While she was studying electrical engineering at King’s College, she also was able to develop a firm understanding of problem-solving as well as technology. Isabel Dos Santos has brought he strong skill set to UNITEL and believes that emerging technology will be vital in the growth and success of the telecommunications company. She recently spoke at the ECR Africa Summit where she represented not only her country but also the community of entrepreneurs in Africa.


Dos Santos stated at this event that Africans needed to be able to start competing globally when it comes to technology. Isabel Dos Santos believes that more people and organizations need to start investing in developing infrastructure throughout the country. She believes that this is vital in making the continent able to compete on a global level with countries that are more developed. She believes that if Africans are given access to better communications, they will be able to start participating in global commerce.

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