Isabel Dos Santos success

Isabel Dos Santos is a African billionaire businesswoman, she is indeed Africa’s wealthiest woman. Out of all of the children in the family she is the oldest of Angola’s former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Who indeed was in charge of the country from 1979 to 2017. Because of Isabel Dos Santos success throughout her life her net worth increased making her the first woman billionaire with $2 billion in the making. As an entrepreneur she is widely respected and known as an outstanding and rewarding female business leader in Southern Africa.

Isabel Dos Santos is the head and the brains behind the biggest telecommunication company, she has comprehensive background and involvement in infrastructure creation. With her career rising over the course of years she has held management height level positions in an area of companies, along with banks and establishments of entertainment and management of retail. Isabel Dos Santos Involvement has added to her ways of knowledge of the global economic where changes for economics can be more practical advance in places fighting with poverty.

The businesswoman is always asked to be part in forums and more speaking arrangement. One lesson of this was her chance to convey before the European Parliament in Brussels being one of the ECR African meeting of heads of governments. While at the summit she encouraged hard for the significant of building Africa’s Digital infrastructure. For Isabel Dos Santos this highlights what she believes in, that’s a Big leap for developing Africa’s benefits would be to add hope in location that will let Africans to handle the Internet to battle in the International economy. As you can see for the business woman slowing down in her work is not in her nature she has been involved holding in Esperanza for energy and oils, financing in BPI in the location Lisbon and Association automobile for telecommunications.


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