Isabel Dos Santos In Revolutionizing Mobile Technology

Modern technology touches all aspects of life in this current generation. With easier access and more powerful and innovative devices, developments that are difficult to achieve in the past can now be achieved through improved technology. Industries such as communication and education have been improved throughout the world in recent years. Isabel Dos Santos knows how important communication is, so she helped in revolutionizing mobile technology in Africa (FinancialTimes).

The Mobile Phone Revolution In Africa
Isabel Dos Santos, one of the leading forces of Angola’s largest mobile operator, believes mobile technology can improve the state of communication in her country and in Africa as a whole. Isabel spoke at the European Parliament discussing the idea of “Africa and Emerging Technology.” One of the biggest challenge to revolutionize mobile technology in Africa is the lack of infrastructures such as cellphone towers. Dos Santos is one of the people who helped in making technological improvement available in the whole continent.

Communication is very helpful in developing a community. It is also helpful in contacting communities that are far from the reach of the bigger cities. In light of the mobile revolution, African societies saw changes that seem impossible to accomplish before. An example of this is a phone with internet technologies. Isabel Dos Santos is determined to bring the digital revolution to Africa, and more sales online are soon to be expected. Dos Santos targets e-commerce next.

Learning From Experience
Isabel knows how hard it is to achieve a seemingly impossible task. Large-Scale infrastructure projects are one of the continent’s problems in the recent past. However, because of planning, she and other people involved were able to bring the mobile revolution. Isabel Dos Santos is even more determined to integrate more modern technology to improve the lives of African communities. She believes that technology will contribute to improve the quality of life and to lower living costs.

All of the inspiration to integrate and improve technology to improve lives was from the experiences of Isabel Dos Santos from other countries. She experienced studying in Kent and in London and witnessed how technology can help a community. Right now, Unitel is partnering up with Google to make the internet more accessible in Africa.

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