Isabel Dos Santos And Her History And Career

Isabel dos Santos is a thriving businesswoman who is the oldest daughter of Angola’s past famous President named Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Isabel dos Santos’ career took a successful turn for the better in 2013 when her estimated net worth became more than 2 billion U.S. dollars eventually making Isabel dos Santos Africa’s very first billionaire woman ever.

It was in January of 2016, that former President Mr. Jose Eduardo dos Santos finally approved a monitary offer awarded to several different companies which include Urbinveste, where his daughter Isabel is the chief shareholder. This specific tender was used for the general construction of a fairly new suburb which would be in the capital Luanda.

Isabel is thought to be the country of Africa’s richest woman to date and a social entrepreneur. Isabel has donated profoundly to the development and upliftment of various local communities and also works fervently to recreate the physical and telecommunications infrastructure of her native country of Angola. Isabel dos Santos is a engineer by trade, administering her knowledge and training to the advancement of society. Through Isabel’s powerful leadership initiatives, she has correctly put in place different structures and systems allowing different women to be promoted, with a distinct focus on equal pay and empowerment.

Mrs. Santos has become a positive leader for many young entrepreneurs while also becoming a successful female symbol of gender empowerment for females around the world. Isabel dos Santos zealously promotes skills training, technological creativity, financial independence, and education and also provides innovative funding for building of strawberry plantations. Isabel dos Santos understands fully the challenges and difficulties that are faced by different women in today’s hard business environment. She is a powerful and intelligent businesswoman who encourages and inspired others who have a dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs one day.

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