Isabel Dos Santos: Africa’s First Female Billionaire

Isabel Dos Santos has been named Africa’s first female billionaire entrepreneur. Starting with being the head of Unitel, which is known as Angola’s biggest telecommunications company, she has created opportunity to extend far beyond communications into several other industries. Before we go into her accomplishments, let’s learn a bit more about her background and the foundation of interest in telecommunication, economic development, and new groundbreaking technologies.

Isabel Dos Santos is the daughter of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, Angola’s former President from 1979 to 2017. Being the eldest daughter of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, her studies were very much geared to better understand the industries her father was involved in. During her time in London, while attending The King’s College, she studied electrical engineering extensively.

Since then, her fortune has been built from being a stakeholder in a multitude of industries in Africa. Aside from running a telecommunications company, Isabel Dos Santos has created opportunity in industries such as entertainment, construction, finance, energy, and media production. Economic understanding amongst all the different industries she is involved in, contribute greatly to her success. Observing the economic aspect of any industry is the underlying reason Isabel Dos Santos was able to successfully amass such a great fortune.

However, Isabel Dos Santos is not only involved in business but also the development of her home country. Her efforts in development involve speaking engagements around the world, and specifically having the opportunity to speak at the European Parliament as part of the ECR Africa Summit. The cause to increase Africa’s digital infrastructure and why this is so important to the development of her country is of the utmost importance to her. As a successful businesswomen in her own right, the poverty issues of her country is an issue that she is heavily involved in and works towards finding solutions through her industry experience.

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