Investment Expert Clement Perrette Takes to the Sea as Executive Producer of New Film

Dolphins and whales may live in the sea, but they have much in common with humans. Although the ancient ancestors of humans remained on land, marine mammals went the other way, evolving on land and returning to the sea. Known as cetaceans, these creatures have large and complex brains, and are second only to primates in terms of their intelligence.

Cetaceans have both language skills and social organization that rival humans. Each animal within a pod is recognized individually by the others, in the same way humans are recognized by their names. Cetaceans sing and can communicate from great distances. They are curious, even vain, and are known to solve problems better than other animals.

No cetacean, even killer whales, are known to be a threat to humans. Since they sustain themselves on krill and plankton, cetaceans will never deplete the oceans. Unfortunately, they are themselves threatened by humans. Japan recently departed from the International Whaling Commission in order to resume its hunt for whales.

The threat to cetaceans is illustrated in the film “Ocean Souls,” which was recently released for the purpose of touching and moving public opinion. It may simply be more difficult to kill an animal that has a name and a family. Avoiding the use of shocking images, the film instead employs science and beauty to make its point. The executive producer of the film is Clement Perrette, who was also involved in the production of “Call of the Blue,” which was released in 2015.

In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Clement Perrette currently serves as the managing director and senior portfolio manager at RAM Active Investments, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Previously earning a master of engineering degree, he attended the international business school HEC Paris before his work for trading industries in France and England. He served as head of the investment division at the British conglomerate Barclays before assuming his current position in 2016.

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