Infinity Group Australia creates an award winning organization in five years.

Infinity Group Australia was created in 2013. The founder is Graeme Holm, an experienced financial expert who worked in the banking sector for 17 years before quitting to create his company. He spotted the gap in the market while working in the banks, and decided to fill it. He found out that many Australians were struggling with debt repayments, a matter that aroused from lack of basic financial planning. Many of them were living from paycheck-to-paycheck since their income was so much pressed by needs that there was no space to clear the loans quickly. Many debtors end up paying the minimum amount required by the creditor every month.




Graeme Holm first examined the relationship between the lending institutions and the consumer and realized that there was nothing impressive about it. One partner was benefiting at the expense of the other. Banks were giving out loans to consumers who lack basic knowledge in financial planning and financial management. These consumers would struggle with the loan repayment for years, consequently rewarding the banks with a hefty return in interest. Holm has insider information that banks do not want an enlightened population because they will lose. However, even if they do not do it, Holm is ready to deliver to the people through Infinity Group Australia. This company was formed for the sole reason of saving Australians from excessive debts. The success that Infinity Group has recorded in the past five years places so much trust in it as an institution that will deliver to its customers. Learn more:




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Infinity Group Australia is now in five locations in Australia. This growth rate is an indication that there were so many people who were in need of the services offered by this company. In just five years, it has risen to an award-winning company due to first-class services it offers. Clients who were fast to work with this company have seen the fruits of working with experts to eliminate debts. On average, a customer is saving $41,000 and much more in three months than a year previously.




With such a high saving rate in one year, we are likely to see more Australians get out of debts in the shortest time possible. This company is built on a strong foundation that ensures that ethical practices are maintained when dealing with customers. The only reason they are in this business is to solve challenges and not create more.



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